Should body-worn cameras be worn by law enforcement?

The use of cameras worn on the body is on the rise. In the UK, in less than two years, they have gone from pilot stage usage into the mainstream. Police forces have seen a corresponding rise in charges and convictions, particularly in areas like domestic violence. In the private sector, businesses are recognizing that new technology... more →
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Storing Wine made easy

Storing and serving wine at the correct temperature is essential for getting the very best flavors. One of the most damaging things for wine is heat and if the heat gets too high, the wine will age a lot quicker than you want it to and ‘cook’, resulting in losing its aroma and flavor. The optimum temperature varies between wines... more →
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Three more travelers infected with ‘super gonorrhea’

Gonorrhea, also known as the clap, is a Sexually Transmitted Infection – or STI – that has been making people miserable for centuries. In the modern era, it was easy to get it under control with antibiotics, but the bacteria that cause gonorrhea are becoming more resistant to antibiotics. Image Credit Standard treatment... more →
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Is it true that Dads can dress cool?

  This Christmas is Dolce & Gabbana season at Harrods. In any other city, the tried and trusted brand for smart, casual attire would be in danger of looking old fashioned, but not in London. Maybe that’s because we have plenty of home-bred, stylish older men here such as David Beckham and Jude Law, and their offspring,... more →
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What to search for in an office fit-out the organization

The workplace is the command post of your organization and embodies what your organization communicates to the world. Obviously, it is significant that your office provides both an agreeable and useful environment for your workers to fill, as well as being illustrative of your organization’s image. Regardless of whether you’re... more →
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