Forest Schools facts and information

Forest schools are inspirational, innovative and educational spaces which provide incredible learning adventures and help to significantly develop the self-esteem and confidence of children and young adults living with learning challenges, including ADHD and Autism. Set within woodland or open spaces with trees, Forest Schools provide... more →
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How unmarried couples are hit harder by the taxman

UK taxpayers get a tax-free standard personal allowance that changes every year; however, people in certain circumstances can boost this sum. Currently, the marriage allowance permits married couples to transfer £1,250 of their personal allowance to a lower-earning partner, meaning that their tax bill can be reduced by up to £250... more →
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Christmas gifts to buy for the man in your life

Christmas is fast approaching and many people are starting to look for the perfect gifts for their family and friends. One of the hardest people to buy for can be the man in your life. There are only so many bottles of aftershave that you can buy for them before it becomes time to look for something new. Experience events are becoming... more →
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