Make the Best Use of your Garage

Most of our garages have never seen a car. They become places to dump anything and everything we don’t want in the house, while we park our cars on the drive or road. What a waste of space! If we devoted some time to clear out that junk, we could have an additional large room to use, increasing our living space. Get rid of all that unwanted junk and hire a Man and Van Slough such as

Imagine what you could do with that space. If you can’t, then here are some helpful ideas:

Games Room

A family-friendly space where all manner of noisy, raucous fun can be had, leaving the home a haven of peace and tranquillity. Throw in a pool or ping pong table, a dartboard, comfy old sofa and some rugs and family photos on the wall. It can be the perfect place for setting up board games, racing tracks or half-finished jigsaws.

Man Cave

This is one of the easiest ways to convert your garage. An old armchair, an entertainment system, mini-fridge, etc. You can start small and add to it as more ideas come. You could even install a bathroom and snack cupboard so there really is no need to bother anyone in the house ever again! Visiting mates can come and go freely and video gaming can be done with complete concentration.

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Why fork out for expensive gym memberships when you have the perfect space right under your nose? The garage is the ideal location for a gym as its better ventilated than inside your home. If you want to lift weights, protect the floor with rubber mats. The privacy is great, and you can play your own music, fill it with your supplies and even add a shower if you want the whole experience.

Guest Room

Whether you have a single or double garage, converting to a guest suite is ideal if you have regular guests or want to care for an elderly relative for example. It will need insulating and you’ll probably need electrics and plumbing, but the additional space will make a huge difference to your home life.

Hobby Room

If your crafting or hobby activities are taking up much-needed room inside the home, turning your garage into a dedicated hobby space could be a relief to you all. You’ll be able to make a mess and focus on what you’re doing in peace and quiet.

Home Office

Working from home can be tough, trying to separate work from home life. With some additional insulation and security considerations, you can have your own dedicated home office space. You can add in a desk, cabinets or whatever equipment you need depending on how you make a living.

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Avoid tripping over toys and the constant tidying away by having a special playroom where your kids can have the freedom to play without getting in anyone’s way. Add in some toy cupboards, bookshelves, rugs, beanbags and give your kids a special den to let loose in.



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