Why a real shop is better than internet shopping

We are always hearing how online shopping is taking over and physical stores are losing the battle. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that consumers still want a place they can go to have the ‘experience’ of shopping and the ability to touch, try, test and feel the products they want to buy. Online shopping brings many benefits for busy people, such as the ability to shop anytime and anywhere – but sometimes, we are so busy buying things online, we forget how great it is to physically go to the store.

Make no mistake, shopping online can be amazing but sometimes it’s better to go out into the world and see things in real life – not to mention a few other key factors. You don’t get the same feelings with internet shopping – there’s nobody to speak to for advice, nothing to touch and no ambience, like in-store music. For more information on Music for business, visit Mood Media

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Here are 10 ways to shop in-store outshines the online experience:

  1. You know straight away if a particular garment that you’ve had your eye on is suitable or not. Maybe you realize, that the dress you’ve been pining for is actually too see-through, for example. There is no disappointment that occurs with ordering online, when you eagerly wait for the parcel delivery only to find it needs to be sent straight back.
  2. Shopping inside a store can be a social event that’s a lot of fun and helps tomake people feel closer.Shopping is a great thing to do with friends and family, with many people choosing to make a day of it and having coffee and/or lunch as a special treat. You don’t get that with online shopping!
  3. Many offers and discounts are only available in-store and so visiting a store will give you this advantage. Most student discounts, for example, are only available in-store.
  4. You can immediately see the quality of an item without waiting for delivery, be disappointed or misled and having to return the item.
  5. You might find it easier not to run up your credit card bill when you visit a physical store. Online shopping makes it far too easy sometimes to order multiple items when you’ll only ever use or wear one of them.
  6. You can avoid those pesky shipping costs. Many retailers offer free shipping, but not always free.

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  1. You can always ask other people’s opinions about how you see things.
  2. You can try different sizes, so you will really go home knowing that you find the size that suits you best.
  3. Many sales associates work for commissions, so by physically going to the store, you help other people make a little more money.
  4. You can get your items right away … no need to wait.
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