Why we should all buy British again

There was a time when British products were seen as inferior to those developed in some other countries and, as such, campaigns to convince consumers to buy the British were unsuccessful. In recent years, however, an improvement in quality alongside an increasing awareness of ethical shopping has contributed to a wider change in attitudes. British made products are on the rise.

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Previous campaigns to encourage buying British products may have been ineffective, but in the last decade, retailers and manufacturers have been realizing the value of promoting British goods. As it becomes easier to find British products to buy, you can take advantage of the unique features of British design.


The world is a chaotic place in which national identity is constantly being challenged. When old systems and alliances are failing and countries are realigning, returning to the simple and close to home can be a source of comfort. British brands can carry the same reputation as Britain as a whole – a mix of reliable and quirky – and it is those traits that provide reassurance for consumers as they wait for the rest of the world to calm down again.

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It is no good buying British made products if the products you want are not made in Britain. Luckily, British designers are ensuring that British products are stylish and high quality. Building on the current nostalgia for the past, many products clearly embrace British history with a modern twist.

They are functional products that will last for many years, but also are aesthetically pleasing. Even something as simple as a spiral duct https://www.dustspares.co.uk/ductwork-parts/galvanised-ducting/galvanised-steel-spiral-duct.html can be elegant as well as practical. As subtle and understated as British products can be, many come with an extra flair that sets them apart.


Buying locally has become one of the most prominent ways to support more ethical modes of consumption. It means your purchases support the local economy and help protect British jobs. It is easier to trace the origins of your product and you can be assured it meets certain standards.

Shorter transport distances also mean a reduction in carbon footprint. Building and developing products in Britain may not be the most cost-effective way to do business, but it is more ethical, and that means you should support the businesses which are willing to embrace it.

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