Tummy tucks following weight loss surgery

Loose skin is a common problem following gastric bypass surgery. Fortunately, there are solutions available if you are seeking a tummy tuck in Essex or anywhere else in the UK.

Obesity is a rising problem in the UK, and it doesn’t just affect adults. Children and teenagers are also at risk and on many occasion weight loss surgeries is the only solution.

Health risks

Being obese at any age places a person at greater risk of health problems, and these problems often increase with age.

Many obese or overweight patients are able to lose weight on their own with diet and exercise; however, some may require additional help, usually from gastric bypass surgery.

One problem with weight loss surgery is the impact it can have on the body. Following dramatic weight loss, skin can become loose and saggy around the abdomen. While the scales may show success, it can be disheartening for the patient to see excess skin remaining.

Is a tummy tuck suitable for teens?

Plastic surgery to remove excess skin is often the only solution, but is this type of surgery suitable for teenagers who may still be growing?

Young people in America are increasingly having tummy tucks; for example, an American teen recently hit the headlines when she underwent the procedure after losing 100 pounds.

In this country plastic surgery is usually only considered for adults; however, as obesity rates rise, more of us will opt for weight loss surgery and there will be increasing demand for tummy tucks from patients of all ages

The advice for teenagers is to wait until they are older before undergoing surgery. Their weight should have been stable for at least six months and the patient should be aware that further weight loss or gain, including future pregnancies, can affect the results.

No matter what a patient’s age, cosmetic surgery is not something to be rushed into. If you are considering a tummy tuck, it is essential that the surgeon and other professionals carrying out the procedure are fully qualified and experienced.

You should discuss the procedure in detail with your surgeon and ensure you are fully aware of what is involved, what the results will be and what will happen should anything go wrong.

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