Alternative Christmas dinners from around the world

We are well into September and before you know it we will be on the run down to Christmas. As the weather starts to chill people begin to think of their Christmas shopping and what they are going to serve for their meal on that special day. It is also important to think about contacting your Gloucester Boiler Repair company well in advance in order to make sure your home stays toasty warm throughout the festive period.  While you tuck into your delicious roast turkey with all the trimmings this Christmas, spare a thought for the millions of people around the world who eat something totally different.

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While a roast bird, potatoes, numerous veg, and mouthwatering gravy are the norm here in the UK, other countries have their own take on what makes a traditional Christmas meal.

Gourmet treats

Not that far away in The Netherlands, for example, many a Dutch family will sit down to a ‘gourmet’ – various meats, seafood, and fish all cooked on a small personal stove on small frying pans. They accompany these tempting treats with a range of salads, vegetables, and sauces, and follow it with a variety of fruit. Sounds very healthy!

Other Europeans have their own idea of what constitutes a festive feast. In Portugal dried and salted cod is served up with cabbage and other vegetables, along with chickpeas, eggs and olive oil – very exotic!

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Down Under

On the other side of the world, in Australia, Christmas dinner is usually one which suits their weather – far from huddling around a fire in December, they’re more likely to be found on a sunny beach, enjoying the delights of a breakfast barbecue.

According to the Australian government, most Australians spend their festive holidays out of doors, either on the beach or camping, to make the most of the hot summer weather. As a consequence, few people now celebrate the festive season with a traditional roast.

Oodles of noodles

In The Philippines, Christmas lasts a long time, with the traditional meal being held on Christmas Eve rather than the big day itself. Most Filipinos tuck into a feast of roasted pig, which is usually cooked over charcoal to achieve a smoky flavor, followed by an assortment of ham, cheese, and noodles.

While in Honduras, the dish which is most likely to be served up on Christmas Day consists of tamales – small, steam-cooked parcels stuffed full of different types of meat, cheese or dried fruit. Oddly enough, turkey tamales have become popular recently, as traditions change and turkey slowly takes over the world!

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