Christmas gifts to buy for the man in your life

Christmas is fast approaching and many people are starting to look for the perfect gifts for their family and friends. One of the hardest people to buy for can be the man in your life. There are only so many bottles of aftershave that you can buy for them before it becomes time to look for something new. Experience events are becoming incredibly popular and here are the top five that you may want to consider looking at.

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  • Paintballing – an activity that can be completed in small groups or even on your own should you wish. If you have a man in your life who likes competitive sports and pelting other people with paintballs then this might be a great option for them. Why not buy a paintballing day for them and a group of their friends.
  • Karting – what man doesn’t enjoy a bit of karting? Again another sport that could be undertaken with a group of friends or perhaps as a father and son or daughter experience. There are many different karting centers throughout the UK so you are bound to find one nearby that will issue gift certificates for their karting events.
  • Tank Driving from companies such as If your loved one loves a good bit of military machinery then a tank driving experience would be a great present. Not only do they get to sit in a tank and be driven around a makeshift course but once you have been shown the terrain you will be given the chance to drive the tank for yourself. What better experience is there than that?.

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  • Speed racing – if a car is more their taste then there are a number of race tracks and old airports around the UK that host racing day where you can try your hand in everything from modern-day race cars through to cars from the films such as The Fast And The Furious.

Experience days make for great presents for anyone as not only do you have the thrill of seeing them open their gift certificate at Christmas but hopefully you can also see the joy on their faces as they take part in the activity that you have bought for them. They really are a gift that keeps on giving and will provide memories for many years to come.

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