How to Dress Like a Peaky Blinder

Everyone is talking about the new series of Peaky Blinders, and you can’t help but notice the impact it’s having on men’s fashion.

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This classic historical look incorporates cropped trousers, big leather boots, baker-boy-style caps, and a well-loved heavy winter coat. Dark, heavy fabrics are appearing in High Street fashion retailers all over the country, with many designers claiming this British vintage style is the inspiration behind their latest ranges.

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In order to achieve the complete look, jackets need to belong and heavy with lapel collars. Ideally, when wearing the coat, men need to stride purposefully so that the coat flaps in the wind when undone to ensure the full Peaky Blinders look!

With season five only just returning, critics are already praising the latest series, and it looks like this Bafta-winning drama is going to be another huge hit with fans.


The suits worn on the hit show are three-piece, with the trouser length short and a narrow fit. Suits in navy, brown or dark grey are best if you want to replicate this style, with tweed, textured and checked fabrics proving the most popular.


The shirts are what fully complete the image. The penny collar shirts which feature on the show are small, tight, sharp collars which are worn fitted and close to the neck,. Alternatively. Farah shirts can offer a great look for men wanting the ultimate Peaky Blinders style. Farah shirts come in a range of colors and styles and look the part when paired with the right footwear and accessories.


With winter around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in a pair of solid British lace-up boots. Ideally, long enough to hide the ankles, they should be in soft leather and worn in quickly to make sure they appear lived in.

The Hat

Even if you are not traditionally a hat wearer, anyone can pull off a baker-style cap. Either go all out and get a British design from a professional hat maker or visit your High Street for a replica which can look just as good.

Fashion has a habit of coming full circle, and as this series is set in 1929, it looks like men will be wearing what their relatives were wearing 90 years ago.


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