Is it true that Dads can dress cool?

  This Christmas is Dolce & Gabbana season at Harrods. In any other city, the tried and trusted brand for smart, casual attire would be in danger of looking old fashioned, but not in London. Maybe that’s because we have plenty of home-bred, stylish older men here such as David Beckham and Jude Law, and their offspring,... more →
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What to search for in an office fit-out the organization

The workplace is the command post of your organization and embodies what your organization communicates to the world. Obviously, it is significant that your office provides both an agreeable and useful environment for your workers to fill, as well as being illustrative of your organization’s image. Regardless of whether you’re... more →
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Make the Best Use of your Garage

Most of our garages have never seen a car. They become places to dump anything and everything we don’t want in the house, while we park our cars on the drive or road. What a waste of space! If we devoted some time to clear out that junk, we could have an additional large room to use, increasing our living space. Get rid of all... more →
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In The News – Attractiveness Based on Shape not Weight

The UK media is obsessed with fad diets! Whether they’re reporting on waistlines or romantic trysts, they always find an angle introducing fad diets, but strangely – they never seem to mention alternative options such as Vaser liposuction. As a nation, it’s understood that at least 50% of the female population has been... more →
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Improving the Health and Safety of Handling Packaged Goods

Health and safety are of critical importance within manufacturing sites. There is a large number of goods handled on a daily basis and the process of doing so can impact on health and safety measures. The use of equipment, such as packaging wrappers and handling aids, can improve safety levels and make the process more efficient. Cost... more →
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