Web design trends of the future

Web design is constantly evolving, ensuring that websites offer a smooth user experience and effectively and communicate the core message from business to user.

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Hello gestures, goodbye clicks

Remember scroll bars? There is no comparison between having to move a mouse and click to move the page up and down and the ease of our page scrolling experience now, even if your mouse did happen to have a scrolling wheel. The popularity of touchscreen devices means more thumb scrolling, which has become second nature for millions because it’s so easy.

Say no to the fold

The fold is becoming irrelevant. Scrolling now means that designers don’t have to attempt to fit everything into the small top portion of the page. As a result, large images are becoming increasingly popular, offering a more aesthetic browsing experience.

Fast and simple

With answers available instantaneously at our fingertips, we’ve all become a little less patient. Websites need to load quickly but also deliver information efficiently.

Goodbye, pixels

The increased use of retina displays means that vector images will become more mainstream. Bristol web designers will now design for these high-quality displays, ensuring images are scalable without slowing down the website.

Hello animation

Apps are one of the defining things of this generation. Their use of motion to deliver information has led users to expect to see animation. Movement is back, and it’s back in a big way.

Your Image

When thinking about your design, image and logo it is best to do it professionally, which is why there are companies out there like Really Helpful Marketing who are a Gloucestershire Branding Agency.  They have trained staff who are trained in this field and will help you every step of the way.

You’ve got mail

Social media isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. However, content producers have been trying to respond to a question that hasn’t had a definitive answer: how to ensure content is seen by a large percentage of their followers. Enter the email. Mailing lists may be old-fashioned, but there’s a reason why services like Mail Chimp are doing so well; it’s been proven to be more a more effective way of getting eyes to see the content you want to show them.


Say farewell to having to incorporate clunky code in order to complete easy tasks, such as installing Google Analytics. Set to be especially popular amongst web designers, we can hear them cheering and high-fiving each other from here.

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